Efficiency. Reliability. Speed. Savings.

What’s the biggest question on your printing project? We have an answer.

  • We combine 40+ years of experience with innovative technology

  • We have a proven track record and deliver high-quality materials on time, every time

  • Our in-house print, mail and digital experts offer ideas, solutions, and service that meet your needs

New customers save 10% on your first project.

    What We Deliver

    When you work with Graphic Image, you can trust our expertise and technology to handle any project on your list.


    We offer the best ideas to find quality, efficiency, and impact


    We infuse your project with solutions that save time, money, and hassle


    We have a stellar reputation because we treat every customer like family

      Who We Work With

      Tell us your goals and let us find the best combination of format, product, efficiency, and speed. We work with organizations across all these markets and more.

      • Colleges and universities

      • Consumer packaged goods

      • Education companies

      • Health care practices

      • Hospitals

      • Manufacturers

      • Marketing agencies

      • Municipalities

      • Nonprofits

      • Restaurants

      • Retailers

      • School

      “Graphic Image has been there with us think and thin. Their pricing is good, they’re just great partners and great people. They have us as customers for life.”

      Dave Levy | Regional, multi-location retailer | Customer for 20+ years

      “I’ve been with Graphic Image for a number of years, and they’ve been very good to me. Easy to work with, get things out when they know I need them. That’s their strength – customer service.”

      Don Lacerenza  |  Regional marketing agency  |  Customer for 13 years

      “Their core strength is price. Graphic Image puts together a quality product on quality paper with good print, and they do it for better than any other price. They have done an outstanding job addressing my needs for postal concerns and printing concerns. I couldn’t be happier.”

      John Hagerty  |  Tri-state area municipality  |  Customer for 11 years

      “The main reason why our relationship with Graphic Image has grown is because they’ve been able to be nimble for us in a very competitive environment. Every time we have something, they’re able to be proactive and really help.”

      Kim Richardson | National retailer, regional marketing department | Customer for 40+ years

      “Graphic Image is very responsive, and I’m happy with the quality. Any questions I have, they answer me right away. They’re fabulous.”

      Midge King | Community college | Customer for 20+ years

      “Timelines are always tight. And Graphic Image keeps up with us! They’re always exceptionally friendly and willing to help in any way.”

      Robin Brouder | National retailer, regional marketing department | Customer for 40+ years

      “Graphic Image is excellent. Their customer service is great. They always respond to concerns, questions, and quick turnaround times.”

      Sue Odierna | Tri-state area municipality