A History of Innovation and Service

Graphic Image offers more than four decades of experience to our customers. We have a culture that is built on innovation, satisfaction, and service. That’s why we care about every last detail.

Plus, it’s about more than just business. We support local nonprofits and give back to our community. It’s important to treat every customer like family.

Early Adopter of Printing Innovations

Graphic Image opened its doors in 1979 in Stratford, CT. The Danenberg family founded the company and is proud to have its third generation help to run it today. Milford, CT has been our home for more than 30 years.

Our deep knowledge of the printing business comes from our roots in the technology that drives it. During its first decade, our company focused on typesetting and typography. In those days, we had a team of people in a camera and stripping department. Our work helped magazine, publishing, and retail businesses use print channels to grow and expand.

When computer technology emerged, Graphic Image made a strategic decision to evolve. We were early adopters of desktop publishing.

We embraced computerized typesetting and had some of the first MACs on the market. We even had Pagemaker and Photoshop before they had version numbers. And our customer base diversified into markets we still serve today. Organizations like Metro North relied on us to print all of its train schedules and materials for the remodeling of Grand Central Terminal.

Today, a focus on technology drives us more than ever. We leverage a suite of the latest tools to deliver quality, savings, and efficiency.

This rings true from our large five color Heidelberg press all the way down to file-sharing programs in the cloud. That’s why we have customers across higher learning, manufacturing, nonprofits, restaurants, retail, and more.

“We have a long history of providing printing and mailing services for nonprofits that significantly help their fundraising campaigns.”

Randy Danenberg | President

Support for Nonprofits

From the start of our story through today, Graphic Image has been a partner for nonprofits. We bring ideas to the table to save money, fuel fundraising, and tell a story in compelling ways. Yet we also give back and donate. Local nonprofits we supported over the years include Boys and Girls Village, Milford Food 2 Kids, and Milford Prevention Council.

Partner to Towns and Cities

Around the turn of the century, our focus expanded into projects for municipalities. We offer ideas and solutions that improve how they engage with residents and businesses. Parks and recreation departments is one area we focus on, for example. In these challenging times, towns and cities look for ways to save money and drive participation in programs. And it’s important to our team to support the hard-working public servants in communities all over.

Our Customers are Family

Our team applies the same customer-first approach that we did in 1979. You can rely on us to help you bridge the gap from ideas to actual materials. Old technology to new. Costly solutions to efficient ones. And always deliver reliability, trust, and quality.

When you do business with Graphic Image, your organization becomes part of our family. And we are very proud of it.

Give us a chance to win your trust.

Send us details about an upcoming project and let our experts give you details on how we can make it great. We promise to offer:

  • Efficient solutions

  • Top-notch quality

  • The best price possible

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