2020 was a huge challenge for us all. Nonprofits had a particularly difficult time generating revenue.

They faced growing competition while their donors were struggling financially. Moreover, they weren’t able to have face-to-face encounters with potential donors.

So, they had no choice but to get creative.

Boosting Donor Response

Mission Lazarus is a nonprofit organization working in Honduras and Haiti. Their mission is to help people reclaim dignity and purpose through development of their homes.

They understood the importance of a direct mail campaign to reach non-digitally engaged donors. Not only that, but also to improve response rates of their existing donor-base.

At Graphic Image, we helped Mission Lazarus develop a larger format for their annual donor letter. They needed to improve response rates and reach a broader audience of prospective donors.

The format we developed allowed for larger graphics and more space for personalized messaging without any increase in unit cost. It also eliminated the expensive matched mailing steps.

We added an additional 3″ to the bottom of their direct mailer, which made it easier for donors to respond.

Nonprofits Generating Revenue

It resulted in a 300% increase in donations over 2019 — in a year of pandemic and general nonprofit revenue losses.

In short, the direct mail campaign was a huge success. It’s amazing what an impact 3″ had on the overall outcome.


Generating revenue is always a challenge, for nonprofits and businesses alike.

People often overlook the power and impact a direct mailer can hold.

But when it comes to direct mail campaigns, we’ve seen success time and time again. We want to help you achieve the results that Mission Lazarus received.

Interested in learning how organizations like yours are breaking through to boost donor response? We’re here to help.

Would you like a sample of this direct mailing kit? You can email us at info@graphicimage.net or contact us here.